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Strategy and Organizational Believes

Citadel Charity ASBL employs a multifaceted strategy to fulfill its mission. Through participatory planning, targeted intervention, and capacity-building initiatives, the organization aims to empower underprivileged women, children, and youth in Nigeria. Networking with like-minded organizations amplifies the impact of their efforts.

At the core of Citadel Charity ASBL is a dedicated team of multidisciplinary workers and educators. This cohesive unit operates with transparency, mutual respect, and a commitment to utilizing local wisdom and resources. Their goal is clear: to create a positive change in the lives of those living in extreme poverty in Nigeria. This strategy, coupled with partnerships with organizations like Comité de Liaison des Associations d'Etrangers (CLAE), Broken But Mendable Life Foundation (BBMLF), and God's Kingdom First Ministries worldwide (GKFMW) underscores the organization's commitment to collaborative and impactful development initiatives.

Participatory Approach

Engaging communities actively in planning and implementation fosters a sense of ownership and ensures programs meet real needs.

Targeted Intervention

By focusing on specific areas like women's empowerment, adolescent education, and food awareness, Citadel Charity ASBL addresses key issues systematically.

Capacity-Building Initiatives

Through self-help groups and skill development, the organization equips individuals with the tools to uplift themselves, promoting sustainable change.

Collaborative Networking

Partnerships with organizations such as CLAE Asbl, BBMLF, and GKFMW amplify the impact, creating a network of support for the underprivileged.